Violations and CCR Management Only

We understand that some Associations have a very active board and seek assistance in managing their community only in a few areas. With this in mind, we provide a service that only centers on the enforcement of the Association’s governing documents and rules and regulations. 

We will discuss enforcement procedures and establish timelines for addressing violations with the Association’s Board. We will assist in establishing a grievance committee that will play a vital part of the enforcement procedure established. Your property manager will perform routine site visits to identify any violations that may be occurring. Once identified, they will be documented, photographed if possible, and input into our integrated software system. We will send out a violation notice to each person detailing the nature of the violation, the applicable section of the governing documents or rules and regulations that it pertains to, a timeline for correcting the violation and contact information if there should be any questions regarding the matter. Your property manager will send a weekly update of all outstanding violations and the status of each. On the next scheduled visit, your property manager will inspect your community and make note of the current violations to see whether or not they’ve been addressed. Any violations which have exceeded their allowed time for correction will be handled in accordance with the procedures established with the Association’s Board.


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